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At Fairview Studio we have been making professional recordings for over 40 years and this vast experience is applied to every single session that we do. Whether you book a few hours or a few days or weeks you will get the same attention to detail that is the basis of our success.

Fairview provides a warm, friendly, relaxed and stimulating environment in which you can give your best performances to be captured by our engineers using a range of some of the best microphones currently available.

With three seperate recording areas bands can play together as they do live or in rehearsal. Individual performances can be modified or repaired and extra parts carefully overdubbed. The heart of our recording chain is the Otari Radar, an extremely high quality hard disk recording system featuring probably the warmest and most musical Analogue to Digital converters around at the moment. Couple this to our classic analogue desk, a rackful (and more) of great hardware and our JBL and Genelec monitors and you are assured of a result that will sound great wherever you play it, whether it's a full final mix or stems that you take away to work on yourself.

At Fairview we care about both music and recording and that is reflected in our results. We don't just rely on technology to make you sound good, we try and encourage the best performances we can get from you and then make it sound even better.

Every finished session leaves the studio with a full Red Book Standard CD Production Master and copies for everyone involved, all included in the price of £260 for an eight hour day or £40 per hour for shorter sessions. A seperate mastering session might be beneficial sometime after the mixing. Discounts may be available for longer sessions.

We can also provide full CD duplication facilities for any quantity including full colour on-body printing and inlay artwork alongside enhanced CDs and DVDs to include extra features at the most competitive prices.

Talk to John Spence or studio manager Andy Newlove. He can arrange for you to come and look round the studio and chat with our engineers about your projects. Fairview Studio...Recording as it should be.