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Started back in 1966 by pioneering local musician and recording enthusiast Keith Herd, it wasn’t long before Fairview Studios had gathered a healthy reputation as one of Yorkshires premiere recording studios.

Originally set in the downstairs of the main house, the studio took on some of its first clients. Mick Ronson, Robert Palmer, Marty Wilde and Rod Temperton all passed over the threshold in those very early days.

After more acts and more success the necessity of establishing a larger more professional recording environment was soon to be fully realised and in the early days of 1973 construction of the new studio began.

By the summer of 1973 the new studio had opened its doors and over the years saw a variety of acts come and go including Maddy Prior, The Glitter Band, Basil Kirchin and Def Lepard. During this time the studio was also intermittently used by Ivor Drawmer as a test bed for the first incarnations of Drawmer outboard equipment.

Once again in the 1980’s things started to hot up even further seeing a whole new set of acts come flooding in. The Sisters Of Mercy, The Toy Dolls, The House Martins, Bruce Foxton and Bill Nelson all graced the studio at one point or another over that fast paced decade. At the start of this decade the studio saw another phase of expansion with extensive rebuilding and extensions added increasing the size and floor space of the studio.

The studio gained a small wedge of the emerging music scenes in the 1990’s and was sufficiently equipped to handle any requirements thrown in its general direction. The Beautiful South, Shed 7, Kingmaker, The Farm and the return of previous acts from the 80’s sessions saw the studio breakthrough into the new millennium.

With the turn of the century came new changes, this saw a partnership between Keith Herd and Andrew Newlove, a well connected local musician who took over the management and booking of the studio.

The Studio looks towards a bright future wishing past and present clients repeated success and prosperity.

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