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The Recording Studio is fully equiped to handle the most demanding of situations and create the desired sound required. Any equipment not on the list can be hired in at the standard rates, enquire for more information.

Recorders Otari-Radar II - 24 track (Random Access Digital Audio Recorder)
Otari MX 80 - 24 track 2 inch tape machine 15/30ips with varispeed and full remote control.
Pentium 4 - 3.0Ghz Audio workstation / Dedicated Removable Audio Drives /  Cubase 24 in 24 out loaded with Mastering, Editing and Sequencing tools.
Otari Mx 5050 open reel tape machine.
Mixing Desk
Soundcraft 2400 Series Mixing Console.
Mic Preamps Neve 1073n Mic pre with Neve EQ
TL Audio 2 channel valve mic pre and EQ
Focusrite Green mic pre and EQ
Goladen Age Pre 73 mic pre x 2
Warm Audio WA 12 mic pre.
Studiospares Valve mic
pre and EQ
Monitoring 2 x JBL 4350 monitor speakers bi-amped with two monogram 260 watt power amps.
2 x Genelec 1031A nearfield monitors, 2 x Aurotones.
Outboard Equipment
Reverb and Delay Units
AMS-DM-80 Delay Line with Chorus Controller
Effectron ADM 1024 Delay Lines x 2
Marshall Time Modulator (mod.5002)
Alesis Midiverbs / Multiverbs x 2
Lexicon LPX1 Reverb
Roland SDE-330
Drawmer Multi-tracker DMT1080
Watkins Copicat Tape Echo Unit modified for studio use
Compressors & Effect Units Urei 1176 - Classic Compressor
Focusrite Red 3 - Compressor
Drawmer 241 - Compressor
Drawmer LX 20 - Compressor
DBX 266XL Stereo Compressor
Drawmer 201 Dual Noise Gates x 3
Universal Audio 2-1176 Stereo Compressor
Warm Audio EQP Valve EQ
Audio & Design F769 Vocal Stressor
Audio Developments Compressor/ Limiters x 4
EQ’s MXR 31 x 2 Graphic EQ
Rebis RA 402 Parametric EQ
Orban 622B. Two channel parametric EQ from 1972
Microphones Neuman U 47
Neuman U87 x 3
AKG D190 x 2
AKG D 112
Senhieser 421 x 4
Calrec CM 1050C x 2
AEA R84 Ribbon Mics X2
Golden Age R1 Mk.2
Audix D6 Dynamic
Sennheiser E609
ADK TT Valve Condenser
Audio Technica 4047
Neuman KN84
Lewitt LCT 640 Large Diaphragm
Multi Pattern Condenser x 2
Lewitt LCT 240
AKG D30 Vintage Omni Dynamic x 2
AKG C414 x 2
AKG D1200 x 4
Shure SM57 x 3
Shure SM81 x 3
Uher Vintage Dynamic
Headphones Beyer DT 100's
Miscellaneous Line 6 pod II, Marshall JCM 900 + 4 x 12 angled cabinet, Vox AC 30, Trace Elliot G300, Marshall 1 x 15, Laney 4 x 15 “The Box” (Led Spectrum Display Unit)
Keyboards Collard & Collard Acoustic piano, Hammond B3 Organ (Original) with Sharma Leslie, Akai Mother Keyboard, Akai S3000 Sampler,