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Audio Restoration

In conjunction with our sister company Fairview Duplication we can provide a comprehensive and specialised audio restoration service covering open reel analogue tapes (2” and 1/4”), cassette and video tapes and vinyl records. Once digitised we have software to remove rumble, hiss and crackles and more software to enhance the final product if required. See also the section on Mastering.
We also have a special low temperature oven for baking tapes when necessary.

Open Reel Tapes & Tape baking
Many open reel tapes manufactured between the early 1970’s and 1990’s now suffer from something called ‘sticky shed’. This is caused by the chemical (that was used to bind the magnetic particles to the polyester backing) reacting with dampness over the years and causing the tape to shed a sticky white dust that makes the tape almost un-playable. The tape will slow down and squeak as it passes the heads and should be stopped if this occurs as it can damage both the tape and the machine.

This situation can be temporarily resolved by ‘baking’ the tape in a special, tightly controlled, low temperature oven for 24 to 72 hours (depending how badly the tape is affected). The tape is then useable for a few weeks during which time the contents can be transferred to a newer medium.

More details about our audio restoration service can be found here...
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